Art in Berowra

Here is a small selection of artworks that the kids have produced this year. Congratulations to all artists on your fantastic work and wonderful creativity.


matt - candleholders
matt - clay bowl
matt - my faraway tree
matt - ocean
mosaic birdhouses
sabine - bunny
Sabine - fish
Sabine - linoprint
Sabine - print
sabine - road trip1
saturday class - group painting
sea eagle - group work
skye - bride
skye - city night lights
skye - mosaic
skye - ridge
skye - storrm
treasure maps
tree - group work
vee - clay figure
vee - fish
vee - night beach
vee - platter
vee - pup
will - bob ross
will - city
will - lorikeet
will - robin
will - rock owls
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